You can fly from LA to Miami Round trip around Christmas in less than $300

Christmas is few months away, but the flight prices are going to be this lower. This is why we wanted to found a deal for the people of  LA( Los Angeles). Moreover, finally, after a  thorough search on the internet, we finally found the deal on Google Flights.

We tried on other travel sites, but they were not able to provide the deal. So we are going to tell you finding the deal, booking the deal and a bonus tip.

This is the process we will follow.

  • Finding the deal
  • Booking the flight
  • The Bonus Tip

Finding the deal –  the first step would be finding the deal on Google Flights. Go to the website. On the website,  there is the departure and arrival option. You are going to type ‘Los Angeles’ In the departure option, then leave everything else. Now, click on the map in the right corner. You will see the list of destinations. Miami should be at the third or fourth in the list. You are going to notice two things. First the date is between Dec 9 and Dec 17, 2019. The airfare is around $270, which is cheap.

Booking the fight – Now, we are going to tell you about the booking process. Click on the destination, after it, on ‘View Flights.’ There is no need to do a separate Google flight search to find this trip. You will see the list of airlines.  American airlines reservations seem to provide this cheap flight deal.  Choose the outgoing and returning flight. You will get redirected to American airlines official site for completing the booking process.  You can upgrade to Main cabin for $70.

The Bonus tip – Actually we have a few suggestions. First is, you can use date grid to adjust the dates. Changing them here and there should not make much of a difference. Then If you are concerned about hotel booking, use Google flights hotel option. One of the best platforms on the internet to do it.

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